Welcome to the complete guide to orthodontics. This guide provides accurate and useful information about orthodontics in an easy to understand manner. It is a comprehensive look at a very popular form of dentistry with the aim of helping you to understand and make an informed decision about orthodontic treatment.

This guide is aimed at both adults and children. It contains information about the various orthodontics treatments, e.g. braces and the benefits of doing so.

Logical overview of orthodontics

This guide is arranged as follows:

This guide covers every aspect of orthodontics, from a discussion of the benefits of braces through to the costs of treatment. If you are the parent of a child or teenager who needs a brace then have a look at our section for young people. And don’t forget to visit the orthodontics and NHS section as well as orthodontic treatment is free to under 18’s.

Likewise, if you are an adult who has suffered from crooked teeth for years and want to improve their appearance then visit our adults section.

Braces for all ages

Orthodontics is about straightening or re-positioning misaligned or crooked teeth so that they function as normal. This is achieved by a corrective device such as a brace which move badly aligned teeth into their correct position.

Many people assume that braces are available only for children and young people but more and more adults are turning to corrective devices for their teeth. This is often the case if they did not receive treatment when younger or for cosmetic reasons, i.e. improve their smile.

If you are an adult with crooked or misshapen teeth then think about having a brace. A brace is an effective form of treatment and thanks to advances in dental technology is far more attractive and comfortable to wear. There are many types of brace to choose from, all of which are easy to wear and efficient.

Find out more about braces in our orthodontic treatments section.

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