Simpli5 are another type of clear braces which along with Invisalign and Clearstep are at the forefront of orthodontic treatment. These transparent braces have several advantages, namely their unobtrusive appearance and comfortable fit.

The Simpli5 brace is worn to correct mild orthodontic conditions such as a bad bite (malocclusion) or crooked front teeth. But it is not suitable for more complex cases which require a fixed brace, e.g. Damon braces.

But they are a cheaper type of brace with quick results which for some patients is their main reason for choosing it.

What are Simpli5?

This is a clear plastic brace which is worn over the front teeth only. It is worn over the front teeth only and gradually moves the teeth back into their original place within a short space of time.

Why is it called ‘Simpli5?’ The answer to that is simple: the brace consists of 5 aligners which move five front teeth in your mouth.

What do Simpli5 braces treat?

These braces are used to correct minor orthodontic problems such as protruding front teeth, e.g. buck teeth or a mild form of malocclusion (bad bite). As a result of this they are often used at the end of a course of treatment which required a conventional type of brace. The Simpli5 brace is then used as a last minute refinement.

They are sometimes used as part of a package of cosmetic dentistry, e.g. Smile Makeover.

Advantages of Simpli5 braces

There are several advantages associated with these braces which include:

But the main advantage to wearing this brace and its selling point is the clear plastic appearance which means that this brace is virtually unnoticeable.

Is there a downside to this brace? The only downside is that it is only suitable for mild orthodontic conditions. If you have been diagnosed with a complex problem then a clear brace such as this or Invisalign is unlikely to be effective. In these cases a fixed brace is recommended.

How do Simpli5 braces work?

This brace works in a similar way to InvisalignClearstep and other types of clear devices. It is a removable brace which means that you can take it out of your mouth when playing sport, eating or brushing your teeth. But it must be replaced once you have done so.

Orthodontists advise patients who choose the Simpli5 brace to wear this for 20 hours each day in order to get maximum results. So take this into account if you are considering having this brace.

Fitting a Simpli5 brace

The orthodontist will examine your teeth and gums before ordering a set of x-rays followed by an ‘impression’. An impression is a dental term for model – obtained by you biting into a mould filled with dental putty – which is used as a blueprint for your brace.

An alternative to this is 3D imaging software which is used to create a series of animated 3D models of your teeth and the brace.

Your Simpli5 brace is produced in a dental laboratory. Once it is ready you will attend the surgery for the fitting. The orthodontist will fit it over your teeth and will show you how to do the same.

You will have to visit your orthodontist for a new brace every 4 weeks. But these appointments will also include a check upon your progress. Minor adjustments may need to be made.

Treatment takes between 10 to 20 weeks although it depends upon your individual condition.

Care for your brace in the same way as your teeth. Brush it after every meal and avoid sugary drinks and food.