The Stb social 6 brace is a type of Lingual brace which is both discrete and effective. It is worn to realign crooked teeth or to add space in the mouth where there is mild/moderate overcrowding.

This is a very effective brace, used to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems although it is ideally suited to minor conditions.

An alternative to this are Lingual braces.

What are STb social 6 braces?

This brace is comprised of ceramic brackets and an arch wire which is then fixed to the back side of the front teeth. Both of these are made from lightweight materials and are delicate looking yet strong enough to move the teeth back into their original position.

Why is it called ‘social 6?’ The brace works on 6 of your front teeth only or to put it another way, the teeth which are on display when you smile. This is most likely to happen in a social situation such as a night out with friends – hence the name ‘social 6’.

But it also refers to the length of time the treatment takes. Results are noticeable at only 6 weeks into your treatment plan although for some patients it takes between 6 to 16 weeks.

So, it straightens 6 teeth in 6 weeks.

This brace is an ideal choice for patients who want a device which is discrete, works quickly and with minimal discomfort.

What do STb social 6 braces treat?

These braces are suitable for minor orthodontic problems such as overcrowding or gaps between the teeth but are not designed to treat severe conditions such as misalignment or jaw disorders.

Advantages of STb social 6 braces

This brace delivers faster results than many others, and in many cases these results are noticed after only 6 weeks. This is a bonus for people who don’t want to wait a year or two for their teeth to be straightened.

Plus it is discrete: this brace is attached to the back of your teeth rather than the front which means that it cannot be seen by other people. This is huge plus for many patients.

Think about this brace if you want something which works sooner rather than later. But bear in mind that this brace is effective for mild orthodontic problems only.

It is not suitable if you have a major orthodontic condition such as misalignment, a ‘bad bite’ or a jaw disorder such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome.

How do STb social 6 braces work?

They are a fixed brace which means that you wear them all of the time. It is fixed to the back of your teeth and causes some mild discomfort to begin with but this soon passes. You will soon become accustomed to wearing this brace and will find that you hardly notice it.

This is a ‘self ligating’ brace which exerts minimal pressure on your teeth and removes the need for frequent adjustment. This light pressure reduces any discomfort or soreness which is a common feature of braces but this brace is light and comfortable to wear.

The small brackets and arch wire work together to straighten the teeth and ensure that they are correctly aligned and appealing. This is a continual process which is gentle and yet highly effective within a short space of time.

Fitting STb social 6 braces

A brace is part of a treatment plan which has been agreed beforehand between you and your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will discuss the various options available to you which include types of braces, their pros and cons and prices.

This includes an examination of your teeth and the taking of an impression (or several impressions). This is a common dental procedure in which a patient is asked to bite into a putty filled mould in order to leave an ‘impression’ of their teeth. This impression is used as a model for the production of their brace.

This is a custom made brace which is created to meet your individual requirements. The orthodontist will use dental glue to attach the brackets to the back side of your teeth before threading the arch wire through the metal brackets.

He or she will advise you about caring for your brace which includes cleaning your teeth 3 times a day and avoiding sugary foods and drinks. It is a good idea to brush your teeth and the brace each time you eat to prevent food debris from become trapped underneath the brace. If this happens then it increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease – especially if it not brushed away.

Part of your treatment includes regular check ups with your orthodontist to see how it is progressing. Small adjustments may need to be made although these are minimal.