Orthodontic treatment is very safe with minimal risks but the fact remains that there are risks as well as obvious benefits. Any risks will be discussed between you and your orthodontist.

The best advice we can give is to follow any instructions given by your orthodontist and maintain a good dental hygiene routine. This means cleaning your teeth three times a day and use dental floss and a mouthwash for extra support. These will reduce the likelihood of complications.

Any complications that occur will be mainly related to your brace.

Sore gums

Red, swollen gums are a side effect of wearing a brace but this disappears once you have become used to wearing it. This often happens in the first few days of wearing a brace but quickly eases.

If this occurs during treatment then it is often due to poor dental hygiene. If you neglect to clean your brace or do not clean your teeth on a regular basis then your teeth will become stained leading to red, swollen gums.

Poor oral hygiene leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

Painful teeth

It is not uncommon to experience painful teeth the first time your brace is fitted and every time it is adjusted. Painkillers can help as can a soothing wax available only from your orthodontist.

Are there any other risks?

There may be risks which are peculiar to patients with a certain medical condition. Your orthodontist will discuss these and any other issues with you.