Inman Aligners are another popular type of brace which helps to realign misaligned or crooked teeth. They are ideally suited to milder orthodontic problems such as poorly aligned front teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

What are Inman Aligners?

This brace is comprised of a clear plastic base with an enclosed metal bar which runs across the front of the teeth. Two coiled springs plus this metal bar pull/push the teeth into position.

This is a removable, quick acting brace which is a good alternative to Invisalign and delivers much the same benefits.

What do Inman Aligners treat?

This brace is similar to 6 Month Smiles in that it is only suitable for minor orthodontic problems. It works best on badly aligned upper/lower teeth but is not advisable for major orthodontic problems such as jaw disorders, overcrowding and malocclusion (‘bad bite’).

DamonLingual and Invisalign braces are more appropriate for severe orthodontic conditions.

Advantages of Inman Aligners

These braces have several advantages which include:

Cost is the main benefit as they are cheaper than many other types of braces which include invisible braces.

And the downsides? There is a few which include a restricted amount of movement, greater visibility than clear braces and less availability compared to other braces. Therefore, they are better suited to patients who have minor problems such as misaligned upper or lower front teeth.

How do Inman Aligners work?

They work in a similar manner to a series of pulleys in which they pull/push the teeth into their desired position. This is achieved by a metal bar running against the front of the teeth and two springs. The metal bar is encased within plastic and along with the two springs, exerts a series of forces on the teeth which gradually pulls/pushes them into place.

For optimum results wear this brace for up to 20 hours each day although your orthodontist will advise you about the maximum numbers of hours needed. But the longer you wear the brace for the likelihood is that you will see faster results.

This brace is removed when you eat, play sport or to be cleaned.

Inman aligners require minimal adjustments which mean fewer visits to the orthodontists which save both time and money. But still attend your twice yearly check up at your dentists in order to maintain good oral health.

Fitting Inman Aligners

This brace is not as widely available as many of the others so you will have to shop around to find a clinic which fits them. Once you have, the orthodontist will discuss the brace and treatment with you which also includes the cost. This is a cheaper brace than many others but there are other factors to consider when choosing a brace.