If you are unable to receive NHS treatment for an orthodontic problem then your only other option is to pay for private treatment. This is usually the case where someone wants orthodontics for cosmetic reasons, e.g. facial enhancement rather than a serious medical need.

Treatment for orthodontic problems is available on the NHS but is subject to a strict rating system and available funds. Plus it is designed for children and teenagers only so adults are unlikely to receive treatment unless in exceptional circumstances.

If you are a parent then visit our orthodontics and the NHS section which contains more information about this rating system – ‘Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) – in greater detail.

Costs for private treatment vary according to the extent of your condition and the device, i.e. the brace used. Other factors include the reputation and experience of the orthodontist and the location of the clinic and its facilities.

So research this as much as possible. Your dentist will be able to advise you about suitable clinics and can refer you to a private orthodontist. Alternately, you can find a private orthodontist yourself.

How much does private treatment cost? Prices vary but on average, a course of treatment is around £2,000. But this can be higher in more complex cases.

Find out more about prices in our costs section.